• Become deeply embedded in communities by demonstrating leadership, authentic commitment and partnership  

    AND meet two major business objectives of top 300 corporations: 1)Prepare for the future of work, 2) Employee diversity and inclusion

    • Help lead an uplifting, community-galvanizing movement; working in partnership with local schools, communities and businesses to affect positive change 
    • Demonstrate authentic commitment to the families you serve
    • Display innovative leadership in funding STEAM education and increasing awareness of its benefits to communities and society
    • Provide community-based, family-oriented resources and entertainment
  • Achieve Social Impact

    The mission of The Verge Awards® is to provide a platform for private sector businesses to achieve their marketing and CSR objectives by supporting public arts education, technology/innovation education, disadvantaged youth, diversity, self-expression, anti-bullying, collaboration, youth empowerment and cultural awareness in the communities you serve. Your CSR, Community Relations, PR, Internal/Employee Communication and even Charitable dollars can be combined with your Marketing dollars to:


    Support public education in the communities you serve, where your employees live, and where their children go to school.

    Use your resources to achieve significant improvements to public education in the communities you serve. 75%-90% of prize money will be broadly distributed in preliminary and statewide rounds to schools or local nonprofit organizations in local communities across America.

    Improve access to beneficial arts and enrichment programs, particularly in under served communities

    Federal funding for these programs has been reduced 40% ($15 million!) since 2010, and local budgets have been cut even more (especially within lower income communities that need them the most). Why do we care? These programs have been proven to increase high school graduation rates and overall academic achievement, encourage perseverance and more.

    Achieve the greatest sustainable impact; attuned to the needs of each individual community

    The last thing we wish to do is fill school closets with unused musical instruments, computers and more.

    Our contest-based funding will go to schools or to the nonprofit organizations that serve their students, whichever can ensure repeatable and sustainable impact. Schools are often not equipped to manage new programs. Fortunately, nonprofit organizations that serve the same students often are! To be highly attuned to the needs of each community, we will work within a network of 800 community foundations across the country to invest your funds with the winning schools or local nonprofits that will achieve the greatest sustainable impact.


    Provide a Path to Success for Under-served Teens

    Free to enter, free to dream

    The Verge Awards® and our partners recognize the importance of arts, alongside STEM, in a well-rounded education that will develop a more highly skilled and fully prepared workforce. And our funding will reach millions of teens.


    On an individual level, we're discovering teens with tremendous potential! Our online platform will reach students and communities in every nook and cranny of the country, from inner cities to rural towns. And since there is no cost for students to enter, all teens can participate! Far beyond the chance to win our contests, thousands of students will be discovered and earn college scholarships through our Teen Talent Registry, accessible by college recruiters who are anxious to see who we discover!

    Celebrate the diversity of teen talent in the communities you serve

    “The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own.” ~ Disraeli

    From the scientists and computer programmers to singers, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, graphic designers, poets, environmentalists, and more; whatever gifts they possess, and whatever passions may drive them toward success, we must help them achieve their own greatness. That’s why we're hosting a targeted 75 contests per year (at full scale)!

    Provide community-based, family-oriented resources and entertainment

    Corporate/business citizenship at its best

    Celebrate the diversity of teen talent by hosting community rallies, use live event space to provide onsite education services or entertainment to communities, engage nonprofit partners to increase awareness, publish additional educational content and more.

    Reduce bullying, without teens even knowing it!

    Teens tune-out when they see anti-bullying campaigns. But The Verge Awards® will reduce bullying without teens even knowing it! By celebrating all kinds of teens in a positive, encouraging and highly visible format, we'll encourage mutual respect among teens of different abilities and passions, and remove the damaging practice of bullying those who are “different.” In our eyes, everybody is different – and that’s a beautiful thing.

    Engage your customers and multiply the impact of your current investments in youth achievement

    Sales promotions, PR, social media, digital marketing, advertising, live events and more!

    Access memorable, inspirational, remarkable content

    Access our uplifting and heartwarming user-generated video content, custom educational and entertaining content, earned media and more to add meaning to your own PR, social media and internal/employee communications.

    Increase employee pride, engagement and retention; improve recruiting effectiveness

    Help fund education in the communities where your employees live; where their own children attend school.

    Your employees can play an impactful and memorable role with The Verge Awards® as volunteers or by offering their expertise along with your resources. This is particularly valuable to Millennials. According to 2016 Cone Communications Millennial Employee Engagement Study, 76% of Millennials consider a company's social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work (vs. 58% U.S. average); and 88% say their job is more fulfilling when employers provide opportunities to make a positive impact. "[M]eaningful engagement around CSR is a business – and bottom line – imperative, impacting a company’s ability to appeal to, retain and inspire Millennial talent."

    Ignite excitement about the future, about discovery

    "The adolescent brain is thirsty for exploration, learning, and social relationships." (UCLA's Adriana Galvan) We’re tapping into Generation Z’s creativity, talent, intelligence, vision and ability to think logically and strategically, unencumbered by “what if’s.” We’re partnering with and challenging teens to solve global issues and develop new technology solutions.


    Essentially, we are investing in our future innovators, our leaders of tomorrow, so that they can achieve greatness. If we give them the right tools and the confidence to dream big, they will soar.

    Change how public arts and enrichment programs are funded - forever.

    The Verge Awards® for Teens on the Verge of Greatness! will be generating funds for education as long as businesses wish to achieve something positive in their communities, and as long as marketers are trying to reach teens. We are changing how public arts and enrichment programs are funded - forever.

  • According to Cone Communications 2017 CSR Study, "...Americans expect companies to not only improve their business practices and invest in social issues that are aligned with the company, but to be a force for change in broader society."

  • They also discovered that:

    • 89% will switch brands to one that supports a cause they care about
    • 87% will buy products and services based on their values, and 76% will boycott for the same
    • 78% want companies to address important social justice issues
    • 63% of Americans are hopeful business will take the lead to drive social and environmental change forward, in the absence of government regulation

    Download the full report and watch their webinar here.

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