• Increase employee engagement, pride and loyalty, and attract new employees who value your commitment to education and diversity!

  • 64% of employees feel their work and personal lives are becoming increasingly blended

    93% want to work for a company that cares about them as an individual

    51% won’t work for a company that doesn’t have strong social and environmental commitments

    74% say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact at work

    2016 Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study

  • Demonstrate commitment to education in communities where your employees live, where their children or grandchildren go to school!

    Invest in and raise funds for public education, engage employees in the fun

    Augment your marketing sponsorship investment

    • With communications, community/social responsibility and/or charitable investments to increase impact (and reach higher levels of partnership!)
    • By "adopting" a school (or several!) with financial and in-kind support to enable their students to participate in our contests

    Conduct cause marketing and fundraising campaigns

    • Tie purchases of your products or services to the cause - you'll raise funds and increase sales by doing so!

    • Conduct charity checkout campaigns - "Round up for Education” or “Give a Buck” during onsite or online check out

    • Donate high-value products or services for Verge Awards fundraising activities and/or online sweepstakes

    • Promote a QR code or “Text to donate” as you promote your sponsorship in your own media, mailings, etc.

    Ignite workplace pride and enthusiasm

    • Offer special contest prizes based on employee voting, such as branded scholarships, internships, equipment and supplies

    • Rally entire employee populations to vote for employees' children or local students who are competing in our contests, host viewing parties as they advance, etc.

    • Purchase lobby artwork from the "Student mARTketplace" based on employee voting

  • Empower employees to help change young lives with skill-based and broadbased volunteer opportunties

    Work in partnership with employees, pairing their expertise with your financial and in-kind resources, to “Adopt-a-School” or two, or support them all. And not just for one day, but for an exended and impactful period!

    Skill-based Technical and Creative mentoring and training

    Technical and creative employees can volunteer for contest-specific mentoring, art critiques and guidance, hackathons, webinars, maker workshops, teacher training, etc. And you can contribute in-kind technology, equipment, supplies and space for contestants for greater impact!

    Skill-based Marketing and Communications support

    Marketing and communications volunteers can help schools communicate with students, parents and communities and rally votes in their social media, PR, newsletters, signage, etc. And you can contribute in-kind local media assets for greater reach!

    Community-wide, broadbased participation and moral support

    Employees can help rally support online, and form pep squads to attend local and statewide events! And you can sponsor pep rallies, bus transportation to live championships, T-shirts and sign-making parties, and more!

  • Increase the impact of employee charitable giving and fundraising

    • Add The Verge Fund to your company's Employee Giving/Match programs
    • Contribute to The Verge Fund based on employee volunteer hours
    • Match funds raised through employee fundraising efforts 
    • Contribute products or services as prizes for employee-driven and other local fundraisers
  • Incorporate our content into your employee communications to create a workplace culture in support of local STEAM education 

    • Create a volunteer Verge Awards committee to ensure company-wide engagement
    • Capture photos/video footage of employee activities related to Verge Awards contests; invite employees to speak/write about their experiences
    • Distribute awards to employee volunteers and mentors
    • Invite principals/teachers and students to your employee meetings to receive awards; or capture check presentation photos
    • Invite students who benefit from your employee mentors and/or in-kind support to display their artwork, perform/present their submissions, etc.
    • Demonstrate impact in schools you support e.g. new dance or robotics programs, interview students who benefited
  • Are you thinking what we're thinking?

    There are SO MANY WAYS The Verge Awards can work with you and your employees in the specific communities you serve. Let's talk through the possibilities!

    Give Linda Neaton a call at 203.449.5044 or complete the form below to get the conversation started!