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    From small business collectives to global brands, your business can play a highly visible role in leading this

    uplifting, community-galvanzing and impactful movement!

    There are many ways to partner with us, from school-specific support through local business collectives, to county-level reach, and most broadly our statewide, official category and presenting partner leadership roles. Our packages are only available at the local and county levels. For all statewide (and nationwide) partners, we look forward to working with you to design the best program to help you meet your marketing, CSR, charitable and employee engagement objectives! CLICK HERE or call Linda Neaton at 203.449.5044 to get started!


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      The Verge Awards and our partners will host four contests in Singing, Dance, Visual & Media Arts, Comedy & Novelty acts. Categories may change and additional categories may be added pending sponsor funding.

      • A targeted $100,000 in cash and prizes contributed by our partners will be awarded to winning students and their schools (or magnet programs / nonprofits that serve them); additional product prizes will be accepted to award to teachers/mentors
      • Contests start with free online entry to county-specific preliminaries in eight (8) counties
      • Judges and public voting determine 35 total finalists per contest from across 8 counties to win prizes and advance to the LIVE State Championship and Celebration!
      • The live statewide championship will cover all four contests, in a single full day celebration and festival, with live streaming to engage CT and nationwide audiences
      • Finalists will each receive tickets for family and friends. Schools with finalists will receive tickets to distribute to their students and communities.
      • Partners will access our audience through 3 weeks of online public voting, community-based rallies, the live state championship, custom video and digital content, social media, and marketing and activation programs leading up to and after the championship

      With a targeted $100,000 in prize money at stake, schools will rally their entire student populations, parents and even broader community members to vote for their contestants in the online preliminary rounds, and bus loads will come to support their finalists as they perform live in front of judges and a massive audience!