• College and University Partners

    Combine marketing, communications, recruiting and academic resources to achieve maximum results!

    With your investment in The Verge Awards® you will achieve brand lift, increase awareness through a multi-week online event and in recruiting fairs at live championships, improve recruiting efficiency by accessing our contestant database, and provide student enrichment opportunities all at the same time!


    And you will each derive benefits specific to your objectives:

    Marketing, PR, Community Relations

    Relevance, Authenticity, Competitive differentiation

    • Capture the attention of teenage students (and their parents!) and establish a relevant, authentic connection by celebrating and supporting their true passions 
    • Access our audience during the three weeks of online voting and directly at the live event 
    • Build your institution’s image as a civic leader by investing in public education and partnering with schools in the communities you serve
    • Gain access to our IP and promote your partnership in your own marketing, PR and internal and external communications efforts before, during and well beyond the championship
    • Attach your brand to something teens and parents care about, education! “Ninety percent (89%) of consumers would switch brands to one associated with a social cause.” (Cone Communications CSR Study 2017)
    • See many more benefits here: marketing and CSR 

    Recruiting and Admissions

    Highly targeted, efficient and effective

    • Discover exceptionally talented teens via our Teen Talent Registry, where you can identify and evaluate candidates right from your desktop
    • Interact directly with teens and parents in the college fair component of our live statewide championship events
    • Promote your institution’s support of The Verge Awards and the real-life learning opportunities your students can enjoy to your prospects

    Academic Departments

    Enrich the learning experience for your undergraduate and graduate students and enable them to achieve tremendous social impact.

    • Build a cross-functional internship and service learning program assembling faculty and students in marketing, PR, new media, graphic design, web design, video/television production, documentary film making, performing arts, event production, photography and more
    • Offer volunteer opportunities as judges, mentors, live event staff, market researchers 
    • Encourage graduate students and faculty to volunteer as judges
    • Adopt local high schools and help conduct talent shows, help students prepare entries, provide access to campus resources, conduct local marketing/PR campaigns to rally votes and help write articles for local news and social media
  • Ways to Participate

    From a simple event listing to college fairs at live state championships to full "presenting" partnership, every institution can be part of this uplifting celebration of teen talent! And your investment will help fund education programs for the same teens you are trying to reach!

    Full Partnership (Presenting, Official College, or Supporting)

    • Statewide, regional or nationwide reach (at full scale)
    • May offer scholarships as special prizes for custom criteria
    • Earn tremendous media attention
    • Multi-month, active engagement with teens and their parents starting with online preliminary rounds and in person at live championships
    • Includes website recognition, may include social media mentions
    • Includes live state championship event recognition and activation (college fair, value added services, workshops, etc.)
    • Includes contestant database subscription
    • Includes faculty engagement opportunities - judges, teachers, mentors
    • Includes access to our content for your own marketing, community relations and recruiting purposes
    • May promote via PR, online, via social media, in direct mail, at college fairs/school visits, etc.
    • Includes academic opportunities - service learning, internships, volunteering - in business, media, marketing, arts, education
    • Partner with high schools (mentors, equipment, space, webinars, etc.) and communities (e.g. host practice sessions, rallies!)
    • May combine resources from numerous departments (marketing, admissions, academic, community relations, etc.)
    If interested in joining us, please contact Linda Neaton at 203.449.5044 or lneaton@thevergeawards.com to discuss your specific objectives!
  • Coming Soon - The Teen Talent Registry!

    WE BRING THE TEENS TO YOU! We're building this goldmine of talent by hosting The Verge Awards nationwide HS talent contests, starting in CT, then expanding nationwide. AND, students can create profiles for free whether they participate in contests or not! Although we cannot guarantee it, we anticipate hundreds of thousands of participants at full scale! This service will be subscription-based, but for our partners/advertisers in our CT launch, the first year is free! Please sign up below if you would like to register for our beta trial.