• Want to reach and emotionally connect with teens?

    Support their passions.

    Want to reach and emotionally connect with

    parents and entire communities?

    Support their children!

  • "Brands with core ideals in [eliciting joy, enabling connection, inspiring exploration, evoking pride, and impacting society] tend to outperform their rivals." Jim Stengel, Author of Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies


  • Establish an emotional, authentic and relevant connection with teens and their parents!

    Align your brand with the cause for public education - build trust and increase sales!

    Build brand love by demonstrating your commitment to funding public education, a cause teens and parents care deeply about!


    According to research from Column Five, "90 percent of Americans said they are more inclined to trust a brand that supports social causes"! And, a Cone Communications 2017 CSR Study found that "89 percent of consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality."


    BUT! You must actively continue to promote the cause. "Brands must champion their cause associations often and everywhere in order to break through the noise and have a real impact on the brand's value among young consumers.” “And don’t worry—consistently talking about what the brand stands for (education) is not the same as constantly talking about what the brand has done (boasting).” Meredith Ferguson, DoSomething Strategic (Fast Company, 5/10/19).



    Be an integral part of our safe, family-oriented environment

    Our online content, live championships and eventually our television programming will bring families and communities together. And you'll be right there with them.


    "75 percent of marketers said they were exposed to unsafe content [and have] returned to context to ensure ads are safe from internet perils" CMO Council


    The Alliance for Family Entertainment states “There is an incremental value in recall and brand connection when brands advertise in family appropriate programming." And, "Context matters for advertisers: The right environment increases purchase intent by 10 percent and advertising effectiveness by 30 percent. Advertising in the wrong environment damages brand perception."





    Increase relevance by tapping into passion points

    Celebrate individualism and diversity and build brand love through music, technology, film, dance, fashion, entertainment, pop culture, the arts, social impact and more.

    Access our uplifting and heartwarming content!

    Add emotional weight to your current social media efforts, digital / video marketing, advertising and PR

    Access our user-generated video content, live event footage, backstories and video interviews, custom and curated educational and entertaining content, earned media, and more!






    Earn appreciation from communities!

    Sponsorships in general are perceived more favorably than other forms of marketing

    “Sponsorship [a]llies companies with community responsibility and improved quality of life… it is seen as a form of marketing that gives something back, that benefits someone else in addition to the marketer. It implies a degree of altruism absent from more commercial types of marketing.” (IEG’s Guide to Sponsorship 2017) And in the case of The Verge Awards®, that “something” is saving arts and enrichment education programs in our nation’s public high schools.

    Associate your brand with the positive emotions that our awards program evokes

    Effective partnerships tap into emotion and passion to create memorable experiences. Our participants will experience:

    • Happiness/delight/pleasure/joy from celebrations of all kinds of talent and community spirit;
    • Excitement of discovering new talent!
    • Hope inspired by teens achieving greatness, a new invention for cancer treatment submitted to our innovation contest, and the additional funding for more education programs;
    • Affection toward those who have positively impacted the lives of teens - teachers, parents, community organizations; and the
    • Interest in coaching tips from celebrities and How-To custom content
  • Expand Reach and Relevance with The Verge Awards:

    Reach 15 Million teens and their parents through their schools! 

    By funding public education, we can work hand-in-hand with teachers and administrators to reach 15 million teens in 32,000 public high schools, their parents and entire communities!

    Reach teens online - where they live!

    All of our contests begin with online preliminary rounds, and online public voting helps to determine who advances to live statewide championships. Contestants can provide links directly to their entries on any social media platform, which means their friends can easily share the post with their friends too!


    And every school has a landing page that assembles all of their contestants across all contests, making it easy to vote for (and share) every entry!



    Earn tremendous, positive media attention that would otherwise be very costly to purchase

    The groundswell of public support to vote in The Verge Awards® contests, the excitement of discovering new talent, and likely celebrity and influencer involvement will combine to trigger nationwide viral sharing and generate significant local and national press for the brands that are associated with us.


    This sample is of a video from a typical high school talent show, with no incentive for viewing or sharing. Can you imagine the views if it were up for a Verge Award?







    Live, face-to-face interaction with thousands of teens and adults - in every state!

    A total of 52 live, day-long state championships and family-oriented celebrations will attract thousands of residents in each state, and provide additional experiential branding and activation opportunities.


    What would you do with this access? Provide memorable, sharable experiences? Conduct focus groups? Sell or sample products? (Click this link for a sample of the possibilities)



    Rally alongside schools and families

    Public voting means that schools and entire communities will do all they can to rally support for their creative students, much like they do their athletes! And it means that The Verge Awards® and our partners will be part of the conversation on social media, in school hallways, in PTA meetings and at football games.

    Partner with local small business collectives to extend your reach deep into communities

    They have the physical and digital presence, you have the financial and media assets, PR expertise and more - we can bring you together!



    Go local, at scale!

    Achieve exponential results

    Promote your demonstrated local leadership and incorporate our heartwarming content into your own nationwide social media, advertising, PR, digital marketing, direct marketing, content marketing, investor relations, internal communications and more!


    Start small and grow with us as we expand to more states and add contest categories, custom content, value added services and even television and video streaming content!

  • Recognition, absolutely. A Lasting Impression? Even Better!



    Make a durable impression with year-long commitment and recognition

    This is not a moment-in-time activation!

    Our contests will be top-of-mind across the entire school year as schools promote the contests and help their students prepare their entries, rally votes from students, parents and communities for several weeks, and celebrate diversity long after the contests are over.

    You can associate your brand with the movement and activate our audiences leading up to, during and (especially) after the contests.

    Recognition spans multiple programming and distribution platforms

    Although you will certainly receive plenty of recognition on our website, imagine the additional exposure you'll receive through social media sharing for voting, 52 live events with live streaming, custom digital content, gamification, and assembling UGC and other content for online webisodes, original content for video streaming, and more!

    Recognition spans multiple marketing channels

    We'll be investing a great deal in our own marketing and community building programs, and look forward to celebrating the support we receive from corporate citizens as often as possible! This includes social media, mobile, video, cinema, music streaming, video streaming, ads on local movie screens, TV and radio stations, outdoor billboards; and through digital influencers and content creators on YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitch, Instagram, and other digital and social media platforms.

    And of course, enjoy every single high-value benefit

    You will certainly enjoy all of the traditional benefits associated with live events, but we offer so much more! Since public voting helps to determine our contest winners, your brand will be part of the online conversation in social media. And, you'll gain access to our treasure trove of user-generated and custom video and digital content!

    Extend engagement with culturally relevant user generated and evergreen storytelling content!

    Attach your brand to our entertaining, highly viral, uplifting, family-oriented and newsworthy content to extend brand reach and relevance

    • User generated content - goldmine of inspirational contest entries
    • Contest-related content - backstories,celebrity coaching, school profiles, community rallies
    • Activities around our contests - live events, announcements, showcase individual entries, updates/standings, results

    Sponsor year-round value-added content and services

    Build even more brand love by sponsoring cause-related, educational or entertaining custom content such as instructional webinars, celebrity interviews, interest-based hangouts and more!

  • Leverage and Activation


    The greatest value in this partnership is in the opportunities it offers you to:

    • engage with our audience both online and at live events, for months in advance and afterward; 
    • promote your support of education in social media, local marketing, PR, digital marketing and sponsored content; 
    • increase sales and activate retail visitations through cause marketing and live event pop-up malls; and
    • increase employee engagement with meaningful volunteer and giving opportunities.


    And you can scale your local investments nationwide and grow with us over several years on multiple levels, platforms and geographically!

      Multi-channel programming and distribution

      • Continue the celebration with live statewide Champions Tours - our version of a ticker-tape parade! Host a performance/exhibition of the top 10 statewide winners in each category-either at your locations of at numerous local malls or venues throughout each state. Pick one state, or sponsor all 52!

      • Add to the fan experience with gaming, mobile apps, loyalty programs, etc. – work with us to develop additional ways to engage and reward fans
    • WHAT to Leverage

      Effective partnerships tap into emotion and passion to create memorable experiences. We’re creating an uplifting community-based movement, and an evergreen source for inspirational storytelling. Our partners would do well to take the energy and momentum we generate through our contests and build upon it with your own custom digital and social media content. Specifically, you can leverage:

      Newsworthy causes (underserved youth, STEAM education, diversity/anti-bullying, etc.)

      Event content - activations, performances, interviews, check presentations, etc.

      Backstories re individual teens, schools, communities

      Contest-related excitement and encouragement - get out the votes

      Grassroots momentum - community engagement

      User generated and custom content

      Earned media attention

      Diverse passions

      Celebrity/influencer engagement

      Extended duration, evergreen content, "Where are they now?"

      Employee pride and engagement

    • Engage with our audience for several weeks leading up to, during and long after the state championships!

      Here are many examples, but know that we will work with you to design a program that best meets your needs and objectives

      Promote contests, support local schools and contestants

      Encourage and support submissions to local preliminaries

      Conduct local marketing for weeks in advance to promote contests; "Adopt-A-School" (or several!) and provide skill-based employee volunteers and financial support to help with student/parent communications, fund talent shows, mentor contestants, etc.

      Help rally local communties to vote

      Be part of the excitement in communties for 3+ weeks of voting!

      Promote local schools and their contestants in your local paid media, PR, indoor/outdoor signage, mailing inserts, targeted social media and email outreach and more; partner with our Small Biz Collectives; even sponsor local rallies!

      Help engage online audiences, promote voting/viral sharing

      Be part of the viral online conversation

      Integrate social media and digital storytelling into every aspect of the multi-week online and live program to reach a broader audience and keep them engaged long after the live championships. Sponsor and promote the statewide People’s Choice Award, then do it again with regional and national championships! Engage your influencers, followers and customers and not only generate more votes, but gain more recognition for your support of the cause and the community!

      Activate LIVE state, regional and national championships

      What would you want to do if you could access thousands of passionate high school students and their parents at LIVE all-day festivals, all across the country? Here is a SAMPLE of some of the possibilities in each state in the country:


      • There are 90 million parents and 7 million adult educators of 54.5 million students in the US (Engage for Good)
      • 8.63 million high income families ($75,000 or more) with children in grades K-12 have children in public schools. That's 90% of 9.6 million total, with the remaining 11% having children only in private schools. (https://www.census.gov)
      • 15 million teenage students attend 32,000 public high schools in the US. (https://nces.ed.gov/)
      • 44 million (students, families, educators, community members) attended at least one high school athletic event in 2017. That's 43% more than the 30.77 million attending a college sports event! (Statista).