• Pop Culture with Purpose

    Amassing fans and audiences with pop culture, enabling partners to support public education with marketing investments

    1. The NEXT BIG THING in brand-safe, family-oriented entertainment
    2. Based on proven commercial success of talent and award shows and music festivals, adds element of social good
    3. Become deeply embedded in communities with this uplifting, exciting and emotional community-galvanizing movement
    4. Supports education and other causes that parents and teens care deeply about! Builds brand loveincreases participation and engagement, engages schools as marketers, earns tremendous positive media attention, engages celebrities, enables integration into school year calendars
    5. Voting incentive triggers highly viral social sharing
    6. Increases brand relevance by tapping into passion points of music, dance, art, fashion, technology and more to reach a broader audience
    7. Access Gen Z audience data, multiple market research opportunities online and at live events
    8. 51 live statewide championships (at full scale) meet the consumer desire for live event experiences, present abundant experiential and activation opportunities; TURNKEY activations available for one or many locations. 72% of consumers positively view brands that provide quality event experiences 
    9. Heartwarming and entertaining user-generated and custom content can be leveraged in social, digital and mobile channels
    10. Employees can be part of the excitement in-store and as volunteers!
    11. Online and live event format across multiple geographies offers tremendous flexibility in partner activation
    12. Sponsorships offer “live eyeballs”, immediacy, cultural relevance, and assets that can be leveraged in digital channels that traditional advertising and promotions cannot” (Forbes, February 9, 2018)
    13. Reach deep into communities with 400+ online local preliminary rounds, local marketing and co-marketing with small business collectives
    14. Multi-week contest duration and months of storytelling content keep sponsors top of mind
    15. Conduct consumer market research in person and online with teens and adults; turnkey focus groups and interviewers available
    16. Multi-year partnerships can start small and expand with additional geographies, contest categories and benefits 
    17. Enables multilocation brands to centralize (yet customize) multiple local sponsorships to ensure consistency, earn more goodwill, reach a larger audience, and become further embedded in communities; scale multiple local entry points to create a national presence
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