• An affordable, innovative solution for Small Businesses to be part of the excitement and increase sales!

    As of 2016, there are 28.8 million small businesses, which accounted for 99.7% of US businesses. (Source: SBA Gov 2016)

    By pooling your resources with other businesses in your community, you'll reach a broader local audience and BUILD LOYALTY with minimal cost and effort! 

  • Small Business Collectives - “Verge Villages”

    The Verge Awards® platform enables schools, communities and businesses to rally around all kinds of teens in every nook and cranny of the country, and for our partners to earn tremendous goodwill for a fraction of the cost of paid advertising. Unfortunately, our sponsorship levels are likely unaffordable to the small businesses that are part of the fabric of their communities, and managing local sponsorships can be difficult for those with minimal human resources.


    But we’d truly like you to be part of the excitement! For your benefit and ours.


    So, we’re creating a cooperative sponsorship model where you can pool your marketing resources and reach the requisite investment for your specific county's preliminary round. At a very affordable $150-$500 per member, we hope hundreds of businesses in each community will join and not only help raise more funds for education in your local communities, but also leverage your embedded presence and visibility with our marketing tools, printed materials and media assets to promote our contests and your local hometown contestants. In exchange, you will enjoy the following main benefits:

  • Tap into local pride and momentum as you proudly display your support of hometown contestants and schools

    Build community loyalty by joining the movement!

    We encourage you to proudly display your support of your hometown Verge Awards contestants and schools in your own indoor/outdoor signage, email and direct mail campaigns, content marketing, social media, local TV and radio ads, and so on! (We'll provide a toolkit to help!)

    Receive online recognition with links to your website for

    one full year

      Every school in every community has its own Verge Awards microsite, and you'll be on it!

      Your village will be recognized on the specific landing pages for all schools in your community with a link to its own custom landing page. The village page will celebrate local teens and schools, and include a (downloadable) listing of participating businesses that links to your website or special landing page, where you can show your support, offer discounts, match fundraising proceeds, conduct cause marketing and much more! (We're happy to offer optional strategic and turnkey marketing services as well)

      Reach a broader audience at minimal cost as part of a larger marketing collective with major brand backing

        Leverage each other's ideas, assets and audience reach!

        • Pool resources that will be matched* by our sponsors' media contributions
        • Conduct co-marketing campaigns and activation programs to promote your support of local education
        • Access pre-designed, customizable marketing materials and production discounts
        • Assemble high-value prize packages for local contest winners, fundraisers and sweepstakes - e.g.  fun night of dinner, movies or play, chauffeured limo, apparel, hair/makeup, spa day for Mom, etc.
        • Coordinate cause marketing and fundraising initiatives to further support education and lift brand perception even more!
        • “Adopt a School” and fund talent shows; assemble equipment, supplies, space and skill-based employee volunteers to support contestants

        Showcase products and services in local rallies and statewide championships

          Upgrade your membership to participate in live events!

          • Sponsor and create co-branded t-shirts for community pep rallies
          • Share booth space in statewide championship “shop local” sections, promote coupons and gift cards tied to the school and cause
        • CT-based businesses with up to 50 employees can join today!

          Join us this Spring in hosting The CT State Championships in Singing, Dance, Arts and Technology! Organizational meetings start in January, so sign up (below) in your respective county asap!

          NOTE to distributed organizations

          (Franchisees, realtors, retail locations, car dealerships, insurance agents, etc.):

          It may be more cost effective to join together in a brand-level partnership to access more benefits and lift brand awareness and perception statewide and nationwide (which will benefit you as well). Oh, and you'll still be able to join the village in your respective communities for local promotion!
          Call Linda Neaton to explore your best options - 203.449.5044, or email lneaton@thevergeawards.com

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