• This is our Target Audience

    SPOILER ALERT: It's not just TEENS!

  • TEENS:

    25.8 million U.S. teens (13-18 year-olds) wield $209 billion in spending power.

    Teens earn over $91 billion per year, and families spend another $118 billion on teens annually  (MarketingVOX and the Rand Youth Poll 2014)


    15 million teenage students attend 32,000 US public high schools (Nat'l Ctr for Education Statistics).



    There are 90 million parents of 54.5 million students in the US. (MDR/D&B)


    Mothers control 85% of household purchases, have a U.S. spending power of $2.4 trillion and are the primary breadwinners in 40% U.S. families. (Forbes) Mothers with teens are average age 34-51, (extrapolated from the age of women with first child -NYT, August 4, 2018)

    There are 35 million fathers of minor children (under 18). Of the 121 million men age 15 and over in the United States, 75 million are fathers



    44 million adults (parents, educators, community members) attended a high school athletic event in 2016-17.

    That's 43% more than the 30.77 million attending a college sports event! (Statista).

  • "[A]ttending a high school sporting event is an uplifting, enriching, family-friendly experience for all of us. Many of the high schools in the United States lie at the heart of the communities they serve. They not only are educating our next generation of leaders, they also are a place where we congregate, where people from every corner of town and all walks of life come together as one." (National Federation of State High School Associations)



    8.63 million high income families have children in public schools.

    That's 90% of the 9.6 million high income families with children in grades K-12.




    There are 13.6 million Latino students in K-12 (NCES)

    "With 57 million Hispanics in the U.S. alone... Hispanic buying power reached $1.4 trillion in 2016—and we expect it to reach $1.8 trillion by 2021." "If US Hispanics were a standalone country, their market buying power would be one of the top twenty economies in the world." (Nielson)


    "Multicultural consumers comprise almost 40 percent of the total U.S. population, yet multicultural media investments make up only 5.2 percent of total advertising and marketing spending. Brand activation marketing accounts for a 49.5% share of Multicultural Media in 2018, almost 20% lower than the share of brand activation in overall media revenues."

    (U.S. Multicultural Media Forecast 2019 PQ Media)


    "Teachers play a critical role in driving behavior, values and attitudes among American youth and their families. If you could have a conversation with every one of the country’s 7 million educators, you’d have the potential to reach 54.5 million students and 90 million parents." (Engage for Good)


    Teachers spend $1.75 billion per year, or about $500 per teacher, from classroom budgets and their own pockets on school supplies. And 61% have shown their support for a product, service, or company by becoming a “fan,” “friend,” or “follower.”(MDR/D&B)



  • And here's how you'll reach teens, families, educators and entire communities!

    Through schools

    And receive recognition by The Verge Awards

    Schools in every comunity in America will do all they can to rally their students, parents and entire communities around their creative and technical teens! From homeroom announcements to newsletters to parents, PTO meetings and local media outreach, we'll give them turnkey, easy to implement and effective communications programs that drive more traffic to www.thevergeawards.com and to our live events-- and that's where your brand will be recognized.

    At school shows and rallies

    Communities love to support their youth!

    Remember those 44 million adults (parents, educators, broader community members) who attended high school athletic events? Well, they also love their creative and technical teens just as they do their athletes; they love music, art, local events, and America's Got Talent; and they love businesses that support their youth!


    Uplifting, exciting, inspirational and safe content!

    All of our statewide contests start with online, local preliminary rounds, with public voting triggering highly viral social sharing! That's hundreds of online contests! Add in tons of UGC and other heartwarming and inspirational storytelling content, and we and our partners will certainly reach teens who essentially "live" online, and their parents who are sure to rally their entire personal networks for votes!

    Sample Live Championship!

    At 52 LIVE statewide championships!

    Join the online conversation, interact in person

    Then, local finalists advance to their LIVE statewide championships to compete for the title and advance regional, then national championships. That's 52 statewide championships (including DC and Puerto Rico) in arenas all across the country, with ample opportunities to interact directly with our teen and adult audiences and drive more sales. See our Leverage/Activation ideas!

    Through Earned Media Attention

    Attention that would otherwise be very costly to purchase

    We'll earn tremendous social media and word-of-mouth attention with time-sensitive calls to action to vote online; positive local news coverage; energizing and sharable live event experiences, school and community rallies; uplifting and entertaining content; celebrities and influencers who support the cause; PTO meetings and more!

    Through Dozens of Passion Points

    Increase relevance by respecting and supporting all kinds of teens

    With 75 contests (at full scale), we're tapping a broad range of passion points such as music, dance, technology, fashion, anime and more!

    By scaling your local participation nationwide

    Promote your involvement in your own marketing and communications

    Sponsor just one or all contests, in one town or many, and you can leverage your participation in your nationwide promotions and internal employee communications!

    Through local business collectives ("Verge Villages")

    Become embedded in communities through trusted small business partners

    Reach deep into communities as small businesses everywhere pool their resources and create marketing collectives to support their hometown schools and contestants. Picture uplifting outreach as they leverage each other's indoor/outdoor signage, social media, local radio, cause related coupons and more, using our customizable, branded marketing and outreach toolkits! Learn more here!

    Through Verge Awards Marketing

    Investing 20% or more of sponsor funds in local marketing

    From social media to cinema advertising, local radio and music streaming, traditional marketing and PR, we're pooling sponsor funds and in-kind media to reach teens, parents and school administrators where they are already gathered, and with exciting and emotional content that cuts through the clutter!

    In hyper-local directories

    Recognizing global brands as local heroes

    Statewide, regional and national partners will be listed in all local online and downloadable directories alongside local favorites, demonstrating your commitment to education in communities in every nook and cranny of the country - large and small, urban and rural, rich or poor! Include a link to a custom landing page with cause marketing incentives, custom content, email registrations, and more!

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    Let's have an initial phone conversation to see if and how our platform can help you emotionally connect with teens, parents, educators, specific ethnic groups and more. Give Linda Neaton a call at 203.449.5044, send an email to lneaton@thevergeawards.com, or complete the form below to get the conversation started!